Sunday, January 11, 2009

Using MouseKeys

Bleh. Still not gotten my mouse yet. Anything that fit my hand doesn't fit my budget, and whatever that fits my budget doesn't fit my hand.

I should have just thrown the whole CPU but kept the case when my brother brought it back. So far, only the case, motherboard and fan is old, everthing else is brand new. Motherboard's mouse and mic ports are dead while the fan is super noisy so I'll be on the lookout for those two when I have the budget.

Those are definitely going onto my wishlist, along with a sound system (uh huh, no speakers. I'm using earphones atm), a PNS camera with anti-shake (haha like what PNS doesn't have that now) and money. Loads of money. Still haven't saved enough for my KK trip. :/

Stupid Photoshop CD I bought from the vendor doesn't work. Some RAR error. Went back earlier this week and tried doing what he said to do but it still doesn't work. Sigh. Having four folders of photos to tweak bugs me. OCD-ish I know. I think I have a mild case of it. Ask anyone and they'll probably agree.

Reinstalled everything for the fourth time. All that's left is to clear my desk for the laser printer and install that. Where am I going to put everything? Ishhhh. Initially I thought my desk will be big enough to place everything and still have some space for me to study but boy was I wrong. I'll probably end up studying on my bed again. Hehe.

2AM. Gonna try to go to sleep. Nighty night all.


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