Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy birthday Nuffnang!

About two and a half years ago, the authors of my then favorite humor blog said goodbye. I was quite sad for although I came across it less than 2 months (I think) before it closed, it was the very first blog which I read from it's first post to it's last. Yes, I read every single Lengmou post, and after the fourth day I had to wait for updates like everyone else.

It was there where I came to know Boss Stewie. (And Boss Lepton, tuitionhamster, Ah Bop)

First time meeting Boss Stewie. (Boss, I just realised that you lost your bouncy-ness!)

The moment Nuffnang was launched, I tried to sign up to support a friend. Yes, although I didn't quite know him then, he was so friendly it felt like I knew him since forever. The keyword here is tried. Back then, there were 4 (or was it 3?) little boxes you had to check before being able to join Nuffnang. The one that I couldn't check was the one that said "Yes, I have at least 40 unique visitors daily". Me being a small fart (*pooot*) blogger couldn't click on that box without lying, so I didn't.

Months later, the amount of people who signed up exceeded expectations and soon they did away with that clause. It was then proudly started serving Nuffnang ads and electronicfly started having a lot of good, clean fun.

My first major Nuffnang event.

Meeting Boss Ming.

My first movie screening.

My first attempt at making my costume.

Short appearances on national TV, spotting Nuffnang's growth to Australia before they announced it, visiting the Nuffies at the KL branch...

And those are only my firsts with Nuffnang. There are many more seconds, thirds, forths, and Ns. Memories made which I fondly recall. The fun, the camwhoring, the friends, the goodies.

I hope to make many more memories with Nuffnang, be it firsts, seconds or thirds.

Happy Birthday Nuffnang. May there be many more to come.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last Sunday, my friend bought me a necklace from Nichii in Mid Valley as an early birthday gift.

I was there (choose it myself even hehe), so she just handed me the plastic bag with my necklace just like that.

Five hours later, when I reached home and cleaned up, I took the necklace out to try it on.

I couldn't even get past opening the clasp. The jump ring on one end broke the moment I unlocked the clasp.


The jump ring on the left is one of the originals that didn't break, the on on the right is the one I salvaged from an old keychain. See the difference in thickness? Wth man. Their cheapo one doesn't even match the necklace as well as the replacement.

I got quite worked up, especially since it was already late and I didn't have my tools with me to fix it easily (LOL I used my teeth and a pair of sissors). OCD me couldn't leave it until the morning, so after fixing my necklace I went to their site and found their online contact form.

I want to complain about the quality of the jump rings on one of your items, specifically Necklace 50 - Gold (with barcode # 154590124452) which I bought for RM19.90 from your Mid Valley branch on the evening of 20th Feb, 2009.

Five hours after buying it, I tried the necklace on and when I opened the clasp, one of the jump rings broke there and then and I was left with a chain rather than a necklace.

When I made a closer inspection, I realized that although the quality of the chain and charms themselves seem to be fairly good, the quality of all four jump rings on the necklace was very poor, and although I've fixed the necklace myself using my own material (the jump ring that broke broke into two pieces) I do not dare wear it until I've replaced all the jump rings with better quality ones in case they break again.

I hope future accessories from Nichii will be of better quality.

Buying something and having to fix it before I even get a chance of wearing it does not seem worthwhile.

After clicking the "send" button, I got this message:
$addMessage has exceed length allowed (max 60 letters).


Sigh, I need to make another trip to Mid Valley soon to get a pack of jump rings from the craft supply shop there. I really really like the necklace!

In Love With The DJ~~

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Star Thumbnails

Hohoho, submitting something there for the first time.

Lets see if this gets the RM50. :D

Btw, that photo was taken about an hour ago near Mid Valley. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me to take a better picture. Photo was taken with my Z250i. Ok ok la.

Update: Ok, the photo looks a lot better here than on my phone. I guess it's the screen resolution on my phone's that make the photos seem cacat, rather than the camera itself.
Rethinking whether I should spend RM100 on the transfer cable now.

Update's update: I didn't win. =( The winning photo was of the same overturned lorry, but from an aerial view.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Plans A-changing.

Sigh. The place I will be having my birthday dinner doesn't serve Western or even Chinese fine dining, so I plans for a Casino themed dinner is whacked.

And I got it all planed out even.

All 21 guests (including la familia who wants to come) will be given invitation cards designed to look like typical Malaysian poker cards on the back (bought, not taken from MAS) but where the face is, I'll put the details with a Joker-ish twist.

Dress code will be as if you're heading out for a night of gambling (think Las Vegas rather than Genting Highland please. Later all the guys come in batik wth hahaha). Once guests arrive, they'll be greated by a table with s deck of cards spread out faced down. They'll be instructed to choose 2 random cards (random assignment!), and what pair they pick will decide on their seating. That way no one can say that I'm biased. HAHAHAHA.

After leaving (the place closes at 10pm) whoever who wants can go over to d'Haven for a round or two of drinks as we play Blackjack throughout the rest of the night (using chocolate coins as money because I'm broke wtf). If my parents (more like my mom) allows it, I would hopefully have reserved a table or two at Zouk, since it's free for birthdays.

Blahhhhhh. I'll think of some other theme la after finding out my budget and tomorrow's paper.

(Oh! And I need to finalize the guest list as well. 21 pax - 4 (me and the family) leaves space for only 17 friends! My already very short list contains 23, not including +1s. Grarh! There will surely be some who will get hurt thinking I didn't want to invite them. :( )

Update: Just found out that my Rotaract club is going for a trip to Kg Wah Wah to finalize the closing of that project so now I have to re-add the deleted names, delete other names and refit everyone. Gah! Now I need to decide whether to make it 18 or 22.

Another update: More of the familia coming, but I got permission to push them to another table without asking. =D So now it's 18 friends with 6 members of the family, and it fits perfectly! Yay!

Monday, February 16, 2009

F you, no, me!

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real - nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Fei

2. A four Letter Word : FCUK (love for the brand or smart censorship, your pick. :P)

3. A boy's Name : Fion Areth (Haha I'm rereading the War of Light and Shadow books)

4. A girl's Name : Ficia (I miss you. :( )

5. An occupation : Fine Arts Dealer. Or Fisherperson (politically correct wtf haha).

6. A color : Ferruginous (rust-colour. no need to thank me for increasing your vocabulary)

7. Something you'll wear : Fingernail polish, as opposed to toenail polish (Haha I'm so cheating)

9. A food : Frittatas!

10. Something found in the bathroom : Floss

11. A place : France, the city of love. Emo emo emo wth lecture on valentines day he's so evil!

12. A reason for being late : Fat, cannot get into dress. Had to shop for new one.

13. Something you'd shout : Fuckah yewwwwww!

14. A movie title : Face-off

15. Something you drink : Fernet Blanca. Herbal yo.

16. A musical group : Fall Out Boy

17. An animal : Fishhhhhhhieeeee

18. A street name : Fitzneal Street (Google Love!)

19. A type of car : Fuel cell car.

20. The title of a song : Feel the Beat - Darude

Jahhhhhhh midterms!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smiley face


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy yet bored

Didn't think that was possible until now.

I have a 5 page essay as well as a proposal to hand in tomorrow, as well as a 2 chapter quiz.

The essay I'm starting from scratch (deja vu much?) since I couldn't find enough work to support the question. So I switched questions and up to now, I sorta kinda know what I am going to put in, but finding the sources is hard. Hopefully I can pick up the pace soon.

I'm lucky that I have the easiest thing to do for the proposal. All I needed to do was pick 48 random words from a dictionary and then find a word for a word builder exercise. Easy peasy. I felt a little guilty at first for letting the rest shoulder the remaining work (hey, they all wanted to do what they are supposed to do) but then I remembered that I did the proposal for a previous experiment sigle-handed (that one was easy to the extreme) so guilt level decreased. =P

The quiz giving lecturer is so cruel. First she gave us a 2 page essay to write within 3 days ( even if you ignore the extremely short writing time, it's only two pages! Headache trying to squeeze everything in) when some of us have to prepare for her other assignment, a presentation worth 30% that was due in the same week (or for my group, on Wednesday). Yes, it's the same presentation that my group at first screwed up, and had to start afresh with less than 24 hours to spare. If that's not enough, we now have to prepare for a quiz during hre class on Friday morning. Not one just chapter mind you, but TWO.

Three things due, all in the same week, just for that one subject. Evil much? Hrmph.

Now back to a 5 page essay, complete with theories, past research, APA formatting, citations and referencing.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess what I'm doing now.

It's 4:55am.

I have a presentation in 7 hours, which will take 30% of my final grade.

I'm waiting for one more person to finish their work and pass it to me.

What a fabulous thing to do right?

Not his fault though. We actually completed everything with a few days to spare, but because of conflicting schedules and public holidays, we only could see our tutor late yesterday afternoon.

She told us everything was wrong.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Until now I still don't see what's so wrong with the work we did. Yes, it isn't as Psychology-oriented then compared to now, but out of the 3 sections of that question, only 1 is related to Psychology.

Our work now actually has hardly anything directly related to the Human Genome Project, but more of genetic research.

Still waiting.

I think I'll go wash my hair first, then I can sleep a little longer later. =)

Good morning everyone!

(Drinking that herbal tea thing by Excel really helps keep up your energy tau)

Update: After a long nap, I'm glad to inform you that my group did quite well today. :)

Extremely well for 24-hours work actually. :D

Monday, February 09, 2009

Room, 2009

This post is dedicated to my sampat friends who either live too far away, are lazy to drive to my new place (don't miss me meh hermph) or are out of the country.

Main source of headaches in my room, after my textbooks. Luckily nothing else seems to be breaking down on me. The fan's really really loud though. Can hear it from downstairs if I leave my room door open O.O

Hate having to climb up to get to my stuff in the upper cupboards. Yes, I have stuff there I use once in a while. All my crafting stuff's been pushed there :(

But at least I have more space for clothes... for now.
Gonna get nicer containers to replace the two boxes you see. (21st Wishlist!)

Loo. If you think it looks cramped now, you should see it when I have my clothes hung up.
Spot the conditioner!

Hah trick question I don't have conditioner my hair's always frizzy and cacat now so sad.

Oh! If I leave my toilet door open, I can watch my movies while showering! Widescreen monitors FTW!

I need a small cupboard or drawers in my bathroom. Racks and all are too messy with everything exposed.

February woes

As I'm typing this, I have a tissue stuffed up my nose.

February. Worst. Month. Ever.

Chinese New Year is over, friends are leaving, assignment deadlines looming, midterms that I am very ill-prepared for, classes canceled for public holidays have to be replaced on Saturdays, I'm having a very bad case of influenza (not only does my nose hurt from blowing it too much but so does my head from the migraine I'm having and my troat from trying to dislodge all that phlegm), my sleep cycle is out of whack (only been able to sleep at 3am at the earliest, all the way to noon at least. Not good), parties missed because of my tight schedule or location.


If you're staying with me, you can hear me playing my destressing music every time I'm in front of the PC. Sometimes even when I'm away. Of course, my definition of destressing music might be very different from yours. Basically any music that I can dance to I would consider destressing music, so that's every genre except for heavy metal. I get headaches from headbanging. XD

Ugh lecturers aren't replying to messages in the class forum. They should rename it to announcement board instead. Tsk.

Back to work.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Suffering in the family

First it was me, sniffling away all through the first two weeks of my new semester.

Then it was my mom with her annual CNY-induced flu.

Sis got it as well a little while later.

Next should be my dad la right, since the rest of us got it already.

But nooooo the stupid virus/bacteria just have to find my body the perfect place to stay wth.

All because of one, just one all nighter. Sigh.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh to have a jetpack.

Bah humbug.

I hate living in the middle of nowhere.

Before moving, I thought my commuting time was bad.

It's actually way, wayyy worse.

There are a number of ways to get to my house, but as far as I know, there are 3 areas that you must go through to come (yes please come and visit me in my jail wth), either Sunway's portion of the LDP, KL or Old Klang Road.

All three are converted to parking lots during peak hours.

Seriously. If you want to be more green, turn off your car's engine and just push your car. Save petrol, reduce carbon emmisions and get a workout. Three birds with one stone leh, see so chun.

Hope you don't have to pee though.

So, travelling from my place to say, Damansara where I study takes only 45 minutes if traffic is smooth, but when I leave for my classes in the morning, I have to make sure I have to allocate at least 90 minutes for travelling. With a private car. Imagine if I have to take public transport.

30 minutes to walk to the nearest bus stop (10 minutes drive), unknown time for the bus to reach a LRT station (let's assume it's the Bukit Jalil station, although I highly doubt it. I probably have to switch busses at least once to get there). From there, a roughly 90 minute train ride to Bangsar, not including waiting and walking time needed to switch trains. Then, 20 minutes on yet another bus, again not including waiting time.

That totals to a minimum of 2 and a half hours. One way. True time will probably take more than 3 hours. One way.

Going to Ipoh to study will take less time!

Oh why are commercial jetpacks not suitable for outdoor use. Stupid freak gusts of wind.

Nights like this

When I'm in front of the pc,
When I can't fall asleep,
When I tired of work,
is when I miss the late night conversations with you.

You have no idea how much I looked forward to those conversations,
even though I had an exam the next day.
even when it got creepy being all alone downstairs.
even if I was practically falling asleep on my keyboard.
even though it breaks my heart to hear you cry over her.

I'm sad you're still hurting inside, however little.
But I'm happy you care enough to try and hide it from me.

I know you get jealous when he hugs me or sleeps on my shoulder.
But I get jealous too when you do it to others or when you call her to join us.

If only there's a way for me to tell you without telling you.

I'm not brave enough to risk what we have now.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And the training commences

February is here, and I have only about 5 months to prepare for my mountain climbing trip.

Physically, mentally and financially.

I get a headache just thinking about it.

I've to start training my body for mountain climbing. My stamina's.. wait, what stamina? I get winded climbing the flight of stairs in my house. T.T

I'm not sure whether the tour agency will arrange a luggage check thingy for us, so in the worst case scenario, I'll be lugging all my stuff with me up and down the mountain.

There's no chance for me to train against altitude sickness, so I just hope that it won't hit me that bad.

Zomb (Zomb = Zoh my Buddha, not zombIE) climbing the little hill to my grandfather's grave is hard enough, but in 5 months I'm going to climb not any mountain but the tallest mountain in South-East Asia!

My night vision is crap somore, how to see my way up the mountain at 3 in the morning for the final ascent? I'm very round, very easy to roll down the hill one ah!!!

I think this is the area I've covered the best. It turns out that one of the packages cost only RM1.5k for the whole 5d4n (excluding some meals and certain transport fees), so with RM2k I think I should be able to cover all my expenses there. With this year's CNY money and my part time work together with all the money in my bank account I think there's RM2k there.

It helps having this year's CNY money increase a little. (Wierd, I know. Everyone else felt the pinch of the worsening economy but my family wth. I think we're all in denial la but nvm, more money for me! Wakakaka)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

21st wishlist

You have approximately 35 days to go shop for these things.

Hair curler, ceramic coated please thankkew!

Wii with raving rabbits (my sis said there's a new Raving Rabbits game out!!)

Mouse, electronic kind please, not small, squeaky kind.
Oh, and the thing about my desk is that I'm using Ikea's clear plastic desk protectors, so optical mice don't work well with it without a mousepad, but the old ball mice works wonders. Best size: 10cm long, 5 cm across. Scroll wheel is a must if you don't want me to dump it somewhere and forget about it.

Ikea containers, big and small. 1 set small, two big. (Steph and Pegs are getting me this, no idea which one though lol!)

This is the big one. Other colours than pink or red. Blue, green or white would match my room more.

Ditto for this.

Voucher for full body massage. When I don't get a good night's rest, my back hurts... alot. I think I've been tossing and turning in my sleep alot these days.

Something to get rid of all my blackheads! I'm thinking of trying that mask-in-a-tube thing from Watsons. Not sure if it works though.

Blank cds/dvds. I don't need that many, even 50's enough. Just need it to burn stuff that I really want to keep like photos and Uni work, as well as the odd anime series.

Rich bf who drives/ chauffeur/ permission from mom to stay over at friends' places. You do not know how sad my social life is now! I'm thinking of planning something in KL for my birthday, but I don't think my parents will approve gjfewj gfedfggjsdhng!

Makeover class, and a budget for a makeover. (Can I do this for prom? Please? So pretty the detailing!)

New PNS camera. Must have function: anti-shake. Seriously, my hands are so unsteady most of the time if you put a cocktail shaker in my hands it'll be done in 1 minute.

Mmmm.. yummy. But the T300 kicks it's ass for design though.

Money's an evergreen gift option. :D

New jacket. With or without a hoodie's fine, but I want something with a dark colour. If it has animal prints on the liner, even better. I'm tired of getting my white jacket dirty.

New shades and specs. I prefer my shades to be without power since I wear contacts just about everytime I leave the house, but for my specs my power is 175 yar. :P

Lens shape like this, with the metal bar so I won't accidentally snap it, but

I want wider spec "arms"(?) to block out the light coming in from the corners. Jah I know I'm picky. That's why I haven't gotten them myself. I can't find my perfect pair or one that's close to the one I lost. :(

RM50 charged to your credit card for me to print photos from eoeonline. Eh, 4R is only RM0.30 per copy leh! Very cheap! With that RM50 I can fill my whole photo album d.

Sponsor my KK trip. Or even just the things I need to buy before the trip also can. I need to get climbing shoes, the tongkat thingy, power bars, and other stuff I can't think of atm.

Alliance of Light - Stormed Fortress from Janny Wurts (available in MPH but not Kinokuniya)
(Mini update: Someone told me she's getting this for me, but not found it yet. :D)

Terry cloth bathrobe.

Pretty hor this one? But mummy said being colourful isn't my fung shui thing so howww?

Piggy bank. The one I'm using's cracked. Too much money hahahah wth I'm so broke.

Bought it when I was 9 (or 10?) in thailand. 100 baht for 3. I got one for myself, a gold one for sis and a blue one for bro. The seller was a lady with a makeshift stall at the roadside. See I love it so much now can still remember.Boo it's cracked.

A long purse, something like this. Bifold, many card holders, place for notes (duh) and one for coins. Dark colours are prefered since I will be using it for a long long long long time. Dirty d not nice. :(

DDR pad for the TV, without having to use the console.
The Jusco near my house has a DDR machine there and it costs only RM1 for 2 players to play 3 rounds, but in the long run alot of money also lo. Like this then I can exercise at home ma. :D
I would like two please, so can play with my sis also, but if you can find it I won't mind paying for one myself.

A long colour block skirt. I know, it's a picture of a dress, but I want a skirt. Long like boho skirts, but I want the colour block's scheme to be something like the dress's. Different colours yet still complements each other. And please keep the reciept. I takut I taboleh pakai oh.

Ankle length gladiator sandals, WITHOUT the zip at the back. Something that looks alot like this one is the best. If you can find this, or one without the diamantes, I'll LOVE it. I wear Vincci's size 7 yar. Again, keep the reciept!

(New readers: You probably think that I'm quite not shy leh, birthday present also want to demand. Well, think of it this way. 1: I don't get annoyed when 49021749021764021 people ask me what I want. 2: They can see my whole lists of wants right here. 3: I get something I want, they don't have to empty their wallets getting me something I have no use for. 4: It's my birthday, I'll be spoilt if I want to~~ (sing it!)

Update: Oooooh I forgot!


Eh eh another update:
I want a new watch! Metal one please, that won't rust on my arm like my China "Cartier" wth the back there all black d one. I now have no watch that I can wear everywhere that will match with everything so sad horrrrr I knowwww.

Haha yes updating this again.

I want this for uni! It's crazy big so I can stuff everything in. I think I can use it for 1 nighters too. :D Get it from TheMilkyland for RM48. Muacks!