Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And the training commences

February is here, and I have only about 5 months to prepare for my mountain climbing trip.

Physically, mentally and financially.

I get a headache just thinking about it.

I've to start training my body for mountain climbing. My stamina's.. wait, what stamina? I get winded climbing the flight of stairs in my house. T.T

I'm not sure whether the tour agency will arrange a luggage check thingy for us, so in the worst case scenario, I'll be lugging all my stuff with me up and down the mountain.

There's no chance for me to train against altitude sickness, so I just hope that it won't hit me that bad.

Zomb (Zomb = Zoh my Buddha, not zombIE) climbing the little hill to my grandfather's grave is hard enough, but in 5 months I'm going to climb not any mountain but the tallest mountain in South-East Asia!

My night vision is crap somore, how to see my way up the mountain at 3 in the morning for the final ascent? I'm very round, very easy to roll down the hill one ah!!!

I think this is the area I've covered the best. It turns out that one of the packages cost only RM1.5k for the whole 5d4n (excluding some meals and certain transport fees), so with RM2k I think I should be able to cover all my expenses there. With this year's CNY money and my part time work together with all the money in my bank account I think there's RM2k there.

It helps having this year's CNY money increase a little. (Wierd, I know. Everyone else felt the pinch of the worsening economy but my family wth. I think we're all in denial la but nvm, more money for me! Wakakaka)


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