Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Plans A-changing.

Sigh. The place I will be having my birthday dinner doesn't serve Western or even Chinese fine dining, so I plans for a Casino themed dinner is whacked.

And I got it all planed out even.

All 21 guests (including la familia who wants to come) will be given invitation cards designed to look like typical Malaysian poker cards on the back (bought, not taken from MAS) but where the face is, I'll put the details with a Joker-ish twist.

Dress code will be as if you're heading out for a night of gambling (think Las Vegas rather than Genting Highland please. Later all the guys come in batik wth hahaha). Once guests arrive, they'll be greated by a table with s deck of cards spread out faced down. They'll be instructed to choose 2 random cards (random assignment!), and what pair they pick will decide on their seating. That way no one can say that I'm biased. HAHAHAHA.

After leaving (the place closes at 10pm) whoever who wants can go over to d'Haven for a round or two of drinks as we play Blackjack throughout the rest of the night (using chocolate coins as money because I'm broke wtf). If my parents (more like my mom) allows it, I would hopefully have reserved a table or two at Zouk, since it's free for birthdays.

Blahhhhhh. I'll think of some other theme la after finding out my budget and tomorrow's paper.

(Oh! And I need to finalize the guest list as well. 21 pax - 4 (me and the family) leaves space for only 17 friends! My already very short list contains 23, not including +1s. Grarh! There will surely be some who will get hurt thinking I didn't want to invite them. :( )

Update: Just found out that my Rotaract club is going for a trip to Kg Wah Wah to finalize the closing of that project so now I have to re-add the deleted names, delete other names and refit everyone. Gah! Now I need to decide whether to make it 18 or 22.

Another update: More of the familia coming, but I got permission to push them to another table without asking. =D So now it's 18 friends with 6 members of the family, and it fits perfectly! Yay!


At 20 February, 2009 00:24 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

make it 23 hehe

At 02 March, 2009 09:42 , Blogger wen said...

i'm ignoring ur update

hehe make it 18. u know, forever 18 ;)

and i think it's funy how ur word verification is "mooevell"
like, moo evil. double ;)


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