Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy yet bored

Didn't think that was possible until now.

I have a 5 page essay as well as a proposal to hand in tomorrow, as well as a 2 chapter quiz.

The essay I'm starting from scratch (deja vu much?) since I couldn't find enough work to support the question. So I switched questions and up to now, I sorta kinda know what I am going to put in, but finding the sources is hard. Hopefully I can pick up the pace soon.

I'm lucky that I have the easiest thing to do for the proposal. All I needed to do was pick 48 random words from a dictionary and then find a word for a word builder exercise. Easy peasy. I felt a little guilty at first for letting the rest shoulder the remaining work (hey, they all wanted to do what they are supposed to do) but then I remembered that I did the proposal for a previous experiment sigle-handed (that one was easy to the extreme) so guilt level decreased. =P

The quiz giving lecturer is so cruel. First she gave us a 2 page essay to write within 3 days ( even if you ignore the extremely short writing time, it's only two pages! Headache trying to squeeze everything in) when some of us have to prepare for her other assignment, a presentation worth 30% that was due in the same week (or for my group, on Wednesday). Yes, it's the same presentation that my group at first screwed up, and had to start afresh with less than 24 hours to spare. If that's not enough, we now have to prepare for a quiz during hre class on Friday morning. Not one just chapter mind you, but TWO.

Three things due, all in the same week, just for that one subject. Evil much? Hrmph.

Now back to a 5 page essay, complete with theories, past research, APA formatting, citations and referencing.



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