Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last Sunday, my friend bought me a necklace from Nichii in Mid Valley as an early birthday gift.

I was there (choose it myself even hehe), so she just handed me the plastic bag with my necklace just like that.

Five hours later, when I reached home and cleaned up, I took the necklace out to try it on.

I couldn't even get past opening the clasp. The jump ring on one end broke the moment I unlocked the clasp.


The jump ring on the left is one of the originals that didn't break, the on on the right is the one I salvaged from an old keychain. See the difference in thickness? Wth man. Their cheapo one doesn't even match the necklace as well as the replacement.

I got quite worked up, especially since it was already late and I didn't have my tools with me to fix it easily (LOL I used my teeth and a pair of sissors). OCD me couldn't leave it until the morning, so after fixing my necklace I went to their site and found their online contact form.

I want to complain about the quality of the jump rings on one of your items, specifically Necklace 50 - Gold (with barcode # 154590124452) which I bought for RM19.90 from your Mid Valley branch on the evening of 20th Feb, 2009.

Five hours after buying it, I tried the necklace on and when I opened the clasp, one of the jump rings broke there and then and I was left with a chain rather than a necklace.

When I made a closer inspection, I realized that although the quality of the chain and charms themselves seem to be fairly good, the quality of all four jump rings on the necklace was very poor, and although I've fixed the necklace myself using my own material (the jump ring that broke broke into two pieces) I do not dare wear it until I've replaced all the jump rings with better quality ones in case they break again.

I hope future accessories from Nichii will be of better quality.

Buying something and having to fix it before I even get a chance of wearing it does not seem worthwhile.

After clicking the "send" button, I got this message:
$addMessage has exceed length allowed (max 60 letters).


Sigh, I need to make another trip to Mid Valley soon to get a pack of jump rings from the craft supply shop there. I really really like the necklace!

In Love With The DJ~~


At 03 March, 2009 00:31 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

u see, they don't like to read a long complain haha


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