Monday, February 09, 2009

February woes

As I'm typing this, I have a tissue stuffed up my nose.

February. Worst. Month. Ever.

Chinese New Year is over, friends are leaving, assignment deadlines looming, midterms that I am very ill-prepared for, classes canceled for public holidays have to be replaced on Saturdays, I'm having a very bad case of influenza (not only does my nose hurt from blowing it too much but so does my head from the migraine I'm having and my troat from trying to dislodge all that phlegm), my sleep cycle is out of whack (only been able to sleep at 3am at the earliest, all the way to noon at least. Not good), parties missed because of my tight schedule or location.


If you're staying with me, you can hear me playing my destressing music every time I'm in front of the PC. Sometimes even when I'm away. Of course, my definition of destressing music might be very different from yours. Basically any music that I can dance to I would consider destressing music, so that's every genre except for heavy metal. I get headaches from headbanging. XD

Ugh lecturers aren't replying to messages in the class forum. They should rename it to announcement board instead. Tsk.

Back to work.


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