Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess what I'm doing now.

It's 4:55am.

I have a presentation in 7 hours, which will take 30% of my final grade.

I'm waiting for one more person to finish their work and pass it to me.

What a fabulous thing to do right?

Not his fault though. We actually completed everything with a few days to spare, but because of conflicting schedules and public holidays, we only could see our tutor late yesterday afternoon.

She told us everything was wrong.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Until now I still don't see what's so wrong with the work we did. Yes, it isn't as Psychology-oriented then compared to now, but out of the 3 sections of that question, only 1 is related to Psychology.

Our work now actually has hardly anything directly related to the Human Genome Project, but more of genetic research.

Still waiting.

I think I'll go wash my hair first, then I can sleep a little longer later. =)

Good morning everyone!

(Drinking that herbal tea thing by Excel really helps keep up your energy tau)

Update: After a long nap, I'm glad to inform you that my group did quite well today. :)

Extremely well for 24-hours work actually. :D


At 17 February, 2009 19:02 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

Good luck and all the best.


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