Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy birthday Nuffnang!

About two and a half years ago, the authors of my then favorite humor blog said goodbye. I was quite sad for although I came across it less than 2 months (I think) before it closed, it was the very first blog which I read from it's first post to it's last. Yes, I read every single Lengmou post, and after the fourth day I had to wait for updates like everyone else.

It was there where I came to know Boss Stewie. (And Boss Lepton, tuitionhamster, Ah Bop)

First time meeting Boss Stewie. (Boss, I just realised that you lost your bouncy-ness!)

The moment Nuffnang was launched, I tried to sign up to support a friend. Yes, although I didn't quite know him then, he was so friendly it felt like I knew him since forever. The keyword here is tried. Back then, there were 4 (or was it 3?) little boxes you had to check before being able to join Nuffnang. The one that I couldn't check was the one that said "Yes, I have at least 40 unique visitors daily". Me being a small fart (*pooot*) blogger couldn't click on that box without lying, so I didn't.

Months later, the amount of people who signed up exceeded expectations and soon they did away with that clause. It was then proudly started serving Nuffnang ads and electronicfly started having a lot of good, clean fun.

My first major Nuffnang event.

Meeting Boss Ming.

My first movie screening.

My first attempt at making my costume.

Short appearances on national TV, spotting Nuffnang's growth to Australia before they announced it, visiting the Nuffies at the KL branch...

And those are only my firsts with Nuffnang. There are many more seconds, thirds, forths, and Ns. Memories made which I fondly recall. The fun, the camwhoring, the friends, the goodies.

I hope to make many more memories with Nuffnang, be it firsts, seconds or thirds.

Happy Birthday Nuffnang. May there be many more to come.


At 27 February, 2009 09:51 , Blogger Boss Stewie said...

Aww thank you e-fei :)


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