Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chemicals in me

Ugh. I've so many things I need to start and complete by this weekend, but I just don't have the mood to do them.

Friday - Slides for my colloquium presentation.
Saturday - Finish everything I'll need for the presentation.
Monday - Lab report and experiment attendance list's due while a couple of hours later I have my graded mock presentation.
Following Friday - I've to set up my stuff for Poster Defence.
Following Saturday - That's the day I'll be presenting for Poster Defence and right after, my Research Presentation (Prizes for best presenter/best group's so yum yum!).
Friday after that - My group's anti-adolescence pregnancy thing's due, as well as Hannah's 21st birthday celebration.
Tuesday after that - Triad and counseling journals are due.
Thursday after that - FINALS!!!! (And Alvin's 21st birthday on the very first day of exams. Poor boy).

Die boh?

I've barely started anything. The most I've done for any of them is plan what I'm going to do. Period. Not even gotten started on a draft for any of them yet, and still stuck looking for more relevant journals for my lab report.

KNNCCBMCHWTF, to quote a friend.


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