Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Remember on my birthday wishlist I asked for RM50 to be charged to your credit card for me to print photos from eoeOnline?

Well, this post is for me to get 50 4R and 2 8R photos printed and delivered... for free!

I actually knew about it even during their 1st review round, but since I was so lazy Imma only writing it now hahaha.

FTI, eoeOnline's a Malaysian company, and it does a lot of things similar to photo printing sites in the US or UK. That means you can upload photos and order your prints, or upload your photos to their online photo album, share it with your family or friends and they can order prints directly from the album!

Coolness right? And since it's a Malaysian company (Beli Buatan Malaysia weh!) not only do they offer cheaper prints (RM0.30 for a 4R print zomg if you go to the physical shops it'll be what, rm0.50?) and cheap delivery charges too. Oh, and if you purchase RM35 or more, delivery is free!

Iyah, if you don't have 120 photos to print like me (wahaha yes a LOT of space in my photo album) you can always share with friends. Cheap ma!

Clicky here to go to their printing page.

Oh, did I mention you can buy cameras from them too, and that they sales and promotions quite often? :D (Eh, a camera's also on my birthday wishlist :D)

Update: Yay! Now, you don't even need a credit card to make your purchases. They accept both online transfers (from Maybank only atm) and even your normal bank in!


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