Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jonjon's Bdayday dindin

There isn't a law passed against blog neglect, is there? I'll be so guilty of it if there was one.

To make up for the lack of updates, here's a reallyyyy long post. :D

Been busy with studies and work lately that I couldn't get inspired to write. Not just for this blog either, but also for my (sorta kinda) journaling assignment for one of my subjects. None down, 10 more to go. Bahhhhhh.

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...

Friday was JonBon's 19th birthday, so he had his bdayday dindin on Saturday at his place in Bangsar.

Since I had to go for a replacement class in that morning (Class on a Saturday, $!!$!%!%$^#!!), what's a girl to do with 8 hours to kill?

First she camwhored before class.

Teehee, reminds me of the car shot.

Until her friend pointed out a cute drawing of a mosquibee.

Identity crisis. HAHAHAHA. I think only Psych majors will find this really funny.

Then she went shopping! There's a bazaar going on now (today's the last day) at 3K Inn mainly for online shops, and since I was a little skeptical on the quality of the products from one shop, I decided to make a trip there with friends for a look see.

From all the hooha made for the previous bazaars, I felt that it was a big letdown. The entire area was to cramped for comfort (having a gazillion people jostle you when you're trying to see the clothes and having to wait for ages for people to move out of your way...annoying. And how on earth did others camwhore there with so many people pushing them? Zomg..) and although there were a number of blogshops there, their stuff just seem to blend in with one another. The only things that shouted out to me was a gorgeous white lace dress from Style of 8, and the comfy shield heels from Clothesbucket. Sigh. Too bad either the size/price wasn't right. The only thing I bought was a charm bracelet from RoundBean. If I knew earlier, I would have brought my necklace for them to replace the jump rings. Argh!

I think I know where Clothesbucket got their shoes from, but I can't remember the site's URL. :( Hafta wait for my friend to come online!! Gahhhh. (And would it be worth it? Postage kills!)

If and when I mass produce some of my tee designs, I just might open a stall there though. Shopping might have not been fun, but with that volume of people who went for the bazaar, it's rental well worth it.

Kat joined us a little later, and we took public transport back to Wei Lyn's place to freshen up.

I'm thankful I'm still alive. Trying to cross that roundabout near Metropolitan is like an attempt to commit suicide. Luckily I had Penang gals there to guide me. :P

Commute commute commute bus bus bus train train train taxi taxi taxi (haha we were late) freshen up ah mat drove drove drove. *SS moment*

Ended up reaching Jon's place 30 minutes late. :(

Bdayday boyboy!

Bdayday boyboy's daddeh. Zomg *heart heart heart* the wings and lamb ribs!
Derrick. >.<"
Does that signboard look like it's a LCD screen to you? :/
And there weren't enough flute glasses for everyone, so we went drunkard style and drank from the bottle. XD zomb gassy much?

First trio pic - the remake.

Hamsap face tsk tsk tsk Alvin.

Height comparison. XD (If she sees this she'll so whack me for that comment)

I need a haircut!

Back to the books now. Deadlines are looming ahhhhhhh!


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