Sunday, March 08, 2009


"... but I'm the queen of evil, and I must warn you, you cannot escape my black magic markers!"

Anyone and everyone who loves modern art and get that kick from finally undestanding what's going on, watch Mirrormask.

It starts of with a sockpuppet play by a young teenager, Helena Campbell. Born into the circus, she lives as part of her father's dream of running a circus. Unlike other children who long to run away and join the circus, she instead wants to live a normal life instead of a performers.

She quarrels with her mother right before a show, who falls ill right before her performance.

And that's where everything typical ends, if it even started.

The entire show is hard to describe beyond it being a little like the story of Alice in the Wonderland. Child is troubled and escapes to an imagined (or is it?) land, meets good and bad characters, searches for a way out but not before she finds the solution to her troubles.

A child's tale, it might seem, but they would probably find it a little hard to understand.

I don't know what exactly, but something in the movie speaks to me. Do watch it if you can.

Unrelated: 21. Coming up next.


At 12 March, 2009 15:12 , Blogger wen said...

i dont get it.
it's like, psych is a well-pot of potential girlfriends for guys to meet. so why aren't there more guys there?
haha i guess you can tell why i'm in engineering ;)


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