Friday, March 06, 2009

Murphy's law


I screwed up my experiment trial run yesterday. Murphy's Law, all the way.

First we forgot to bring a laptop to play the CD, then when we managed to loan one, we couldn't get the drive to open.

When we finally loaded the CD, our lecturer pointed out that we don't have a LOT of things that she wants.

Who ways two heads are better than one? My group has four but still none of us remembered to check the course outline for the list of things to bring.

Once we got the things typed out and printed, she told us that we're still missing something, and that we had to change some things to improve our results.

Trial run starts, and all of us didn't hear her say to run a certain level, so we just ignored the fact that someone forgot about playing the CD.

Once it ended she says "Your trial run is going very badly. Not only did you make me wait 15 minutes for you, but you didn't have everything I wanted and you ran the wrong level. Marks are going to get deducted."

Sigh. Like of course marks were going to get deducted. We screwed practically the whole thing up!

Even the personal asssessment part didn't go so well for me. Because I didn't wholly understand one question, I got a big ass ZERO for that, and an imperfect answer to another lost me another 0.5, so I only got 3.5/5 to make up for for our lousy performance during our trial run.

Double sigh.

I can't believe I screwed up so much in front of a lecturer whom I wanted to impress.

My only consolation is that the whole thing totals to "only" 2% of my entire grade.

Omb that's almost half a grade!

*cries in a corner*


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