Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My 21st Birthday

Ah I miss blogging! My internet connection keeps on breaking up. =( Being busy with assignments, finals (I've a paper on a Saturday. In total, I've at least 8 Saturdays taken from me BOO!) starts in a month and Your Personalitee! is taking it's toll. But at least I'm having fun doing them, and I get to sharpen my 1337 creative skills.

I'm using a whole stack of cash to buy my materials though, and so far only 1 out of 11 orders have been completed (Sending the completed one out either tmrw or Friday. Yay!)

Ok, now back to topic.

I turned 21!

Now I'm 21 years, 4 days 4 hours and 39 minutes old.

March 7th was a happy day, but was also a sad day for me.

Although I got to celebrate my big day with my uni mates as well as my family, my brother couldn't make it back because of work and all my close friends are either overseas, out of town or will know only me if they came. Sigh.

Back to happier stuff.

I had my birthday dinner at Bangsar Tea Club, the same place my mom and her friends had theirs. When I first went in, I loved the fact that the entire place was for just us, and since the price was reasonable I decided to have my dinner there. Helps that mom suggested it too, so I didn't have to worry about the budget breaking the bank.

There wasn't anything much for me to prepare. All I had to do was confirm the guestlist and get ready for the night. Food and drinks were provided by the restaurant (oh oh no corkage fee!) while my mom and sis did everything else for me. Daddy chouffered and ATMed. =D

My initial theme had to be scrapped, and since I couldn't think of anything else to replace it, it became themeless. xP Seriously, birthday + dressing up (for some) + vegetarian steamboat = ?

I was a little surprised that most everyone turned up on time. Ended up waiting for my mom and sis before starting dinner. Oh well.

And now, in no chronological order, pictures! Not going to post up all of them (about 300, in less than 4 hours!) so I just selected some taken from my sister's camera.

Love the attention hehe.

I think that's half the guys in my intake. Seriously. We need more guys in Psych!

King and concubines. Ugly ones AHHAHA.

JonBon kena buwee.

Hei gung!

Hehe so loved. Sayang kakak muacks muacks!

Lala 1-2-3 poses, FAIL. What to do, we're not clams.

My favourite parents, my only parents HAHA. SSTM moment.

Grand uncle and wife.

Uncle John and wife.

La Familia. <3<3

Until <3s grew from my head.

Cake Cupcakes! Yummier, cheaper and more meaningful than Cuppacakes, Cupcake Chic and whatever brand. Bought-Zero, Made-999!

Lol @ Jon!


Guys. Wah screw metals, guys should be my fung shui element. XD!!

Oh and zomb I forgot to wear my bling bling that night! (The ice I normally wear not counted la). I only realised when I reached the restaurant. Regret not booking a place at Zouk too, since I could get their birthday package for free. Mom decided to let me out that night. Sigh, I dropped my hairpin there too, and it's a pretty vintage hairpin too. =( Hopefully they kept it and I can get it back when I return on April 4th. Yes, something else on there on April 4th. You'll know what soon enough. =P


At 11 March, 2009 22:36 , Blogger vvens said...

happy belated birthday girl! :)

At 12 March, 2009 10:41 , Blogger Kellen said...

Half the guys ar?
So little guys in our intake meh?
Who are the other half?

At 12 March, 2009 19:45 , Blogger AnfieldYee said...

your birthday is wonderful! and that's a very big cake = many cup cakes! Hahaha! X)
Happy Belated birthday girl. stay happy, as always! ^_^


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