Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random but not so random photos

Ever since I confirmed my KK trip (read: paid for it) I've been thinking of a way to reduce the weight of my luggage, since I'll have to lug it around with me up and down the mountain.

My main concern is water, necessities like clothes, shoes, insect repellent and the one that weighs the most, my contact lens stuff. Even thinking of lugging around so much liquid makes my knees quiver.

My solutions?

Water: Look for the LifeStraw. If it's within budget, I plan to bring it up to my Rotaract club too. There are still a lot of people in Malaysia not having a stable clean water supply.

Necessities: Reduce reuse recycle. Planning to get a bunch of really thick, cheap socks too, so I can ditch them if my pack gets too heavy to handle. Hey, at least it's something.

Contact lens stuff: At first I thought of just bringing my spectacles, but after some thought (what if it breaks? It'll be cold and will definitely fog my lenses up) I decided against it. Once I saw a promotion for daily disposable lenses, I knew my answer. Hey, for RM10 a box, it's worth it.

Each box only had 5 lenses (not 5 pairs, but 5 individual lenses. Weird right?), so I had to buy two. Guess what I realised?



Tsk tsk tsk. Selling stuff that specifically says FREE. NOT FOR SALE.

But at least I get a bargain. :D

Another story now. :D

My lilies dieded already.


But they lasted for close to 10 days.

Sigh. I miss my beautiful lilies.


At 25 March, 2009 17:49 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

so u knew abt lifestraw too

At 25 March, 2009 18:06 , Blogger electronicfly said...

Yup. Read it in the newspapers who knows how long ago, forgot about it, and was reminded recently.

USD3 for a year's supply of clean drinking water? Yes please.


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