Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Copy here?

There's a post I just put up on a private blog that I share with two others.

I feel like ctrl+c and ctrl+v-ing it here.

But I know I shouldn't.

Some humiliating things should be kept private.

Some should not.

Remember this Jatians? Rofl! I miss those days. So stress free compared to now. :(


At 14 April, 2009 22:37 , Blogger wen said...

LOL! omg i thought this video was gone gone gone~!

At 14 April, 2009 22:40 , Blogger wen said...

i remember us trying to teach him how to walk sexily

At 19 April, 2009 14:14 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

it's so nice to have friend like you lol

At 24 April, 2009 07:57 , Blogger electronicfly said...

wen: hahaha i have everything! eyh too bad we didn't record our real performance..

simon: hahahaha :P


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