Friday, April 03, 2009

Hate is to strong a word

Dislike suites how I feel about her better.

Whichever group I'm in, she just has to mosey on along and invite herself.

Not only that, but she will call even more people until the final headcount can be doubled.

Neither do I like two faced-ness.

Nor her quick decision making. As in, she'll agree with whatever you say, even if she just told you the opposite.


I take back my words. Hate is the word I want.

I'm not the only one who realized she changes her opinions in a flash. They (yes, they, as in more than one they) also realised that whenever they tell her their opinion doesn't match hers, she will change it quicker than you can say Boo!

"Eeyer so ugly that dress"

"Quite nice lo I think, if paired with a nice clincher"

"Ya ya, the pattern and colour matches nicely"

Wtf. Have more faith in your decisions please. It's not like we'll shun you for having different opinions. And please, find your own style, stop copying ours to the dot. Why do you think I've stopped giving you my opinions everytime you ask it of me?

There's a reason to why I keep on saying Hey, our style's are very different, so stop asking me.

If you still can't think of the reason, I'll spell it out for you.


Stop.Copying.Me. (Like in the song, copy Britney, don't copy me)


Sheesh. Mengada betul perempuan tu.


At 03 April, 2009 23:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

is she for real ar?? LOL

At 05 April, 2009 01:00 , Blogger electronicfly said...

"real" more like it.


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