Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Megahaul, finance-wise.

  • DiorSnow Perfect White UV Control Base SPF35 - RM40 (Retails at around RM150)
  • DiorSnow Perfect White UV Control Base SPF50 - RM60 (Retails at around RM150 too I guess?)
  • DiorAddict Ultra-gloss Reflect in Trenchcoat Beige - RM33.34 (No clue how much, but a Dior gloss coming to only slightly above normal? Cheapo!)
  • DiorSnow Whitening Powder SPF30 - RM75 ((Retails at around RM180)
All new stock, except for the DiorSnow Perfect White UV Control Base SPF35 which was manufactured in 2006.

All chosen and paid for in less than two hours.

Add a sample-sized mascara from Lancome (they were promoting their vibrator oscillating wand mascara) and a voucher for a free brow trimming, valid until there are no Lancome counters left in Malaysia.

All that for about RM200.

Add having a chance to win zomb a whole bowl pail bucket bunch of stuff from beautyholicsanonymous just by writing a comment on the best birthday gift I've ever received, and getting double the chance for writing this single extremely, very, damn long sentence? Ahhh.


Much needed glimmer of happiness after all the not-so-happy news I've been getting.
Heading up to Ipoh this Friday evening.


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