Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Scouts' Honor..Broken

Well, good thing I was never one then. XD

I'm on the fence on what type of postage I should use for future web purchases (Online shopping addict here).

For stuff which originate from Malaysia itself, people tend to use only one of three options: Normal registered post, Pos Ekspres or Pos Laju.

Now, to use the one that requires the recipient to sign it, or the one that does not? Or the slower one as compared to faster options?

Registered post and Pos Laju both will need a signature, but Pos Ekspres and Pos Laju are the faster options. On the other (the third one?) hand, it seems that only Pos Laju gives you the option of getting them to redeliver your package on your choosen date. However, Pos Laju is also the most expensive option.

Sigh. And I think Daddy aka Chouffer will get angry if I told him I need to get something from the Post Office... again.


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