Monday, April 20, 2009

Selflessness isn't easy.

I want to make him change his mind,
make him fight,
make him stay with us longer.

I miss the times he ask me to step on his back.
I miss the times I believed he was preggers with his beer belly.
I miss making him put out the ciggie he just lit.
I miss trying to help him out at the coffeeshop.
I miss hearing his laughter.
I miss seeing him smile.

I want to make him stay.

But I don't want him to suffer.

Psychosocial moratorium. Do I want to be selfish and make him promise to fight, or do I want to be selfless and don't make him suffer longer?

I want him to stay. I want him to say my name clearly again. I don't want him to suffer anymore.


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