Friday, April 17, 2009


This was yet another handwritten post. Going to uni way before classes start has it's pros as well.

I need to remember to start writing dates on them.


I'm sitting in a small, empty tutorial room. It's 7.30AM.
The lights are turned off, it's fairly quiet. The only consistent noise I hear is the sound of the exhaust fan spinning.

My eyelids are tempted to remain closed every time I blink, and I was supposed to finish my part of a group proposal before today.

Yet, here I am. In the dark, empty room, writing this, using a modernized fountain pen that has my name inscribed on the cover.

My shoes are off, I wiggle my toes, I yawn.

Am I happy or am I sad? I feel content, yet not. Bored, yet not wanting any distractions. Tired, but I don't want to fall asleep.

It's like all I want to do is to stare at a corner and think of myself, of all unimportant things.

Will I ever get my extra two inches in height? Can I ever accept our age difference? Do I really want to care about her so much? Is this ink waterproof? How much more do I need to practice using this pen? Why isn't the ink flowing out in a constant thickness? Is it because of my writing? Should I put a lock on my blog? Will I regret staying in the wings? Will I adore being in the spotlight? Will I hate the attention? Am I jaded with **ers, or am I just tired of everything? Will I ever watch IT again?

Questions questions questions.

My handwriting is looking more and more like the scratches a chicken makes while looking for worms. Little Chicken to be precise, since he likes dancing so much.

My hand's tired (Then and now, 8 full pages of text written for my exam yo!)

Can I submit this instead of a proper counseling journal? (The answer's no, and I didn't.)

Should I eat?



Which way are you tilting your head?


At 18 April, 2009 04:34 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

730am already in college? i'm still dreaming at times at that hour haha

At 24 April, 2009 07:57 , Blogger electronicfly said...

i knowwww sad right? sigh, the cons of staying far away but not able to drive. bleks.


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