Thursday, May 14, 2009

And it just came

I was walking back to my old house when suddenly I started singing.

Although I could only remember those two lines,
I sang all the way back.

Went in, dumped my stuff on the floor and went up to my room.

And cried, and cried, and cried.

Don't ask me what song was so "powderful" it made me cry. Because it didn't, emotions did. And because I can't remember.

Catharsis. Could it have been triggered just by learning the word for that term? Blame Dr Anasu then.

I wanted to meet up with someone tonight to ask her something.

It has been in my thoughts for more than a year... ever since she told me to stay away from him.


At times when I feel like I'm about to hit rock bottom I regret not listening to her. But I didn't, as here I am. Too afraid to confront. Too scared to lose what we have. Too cowardly to even face the possibility of giving myself up like that.

I can only hope you truly felt hurt by what I said that night.

I can only hope you understood me that night.

I can only hope you remember Reaction Formation.


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