Saturday, May 02, 2009

Krispe Kreme is in Malaysia!

I went over to Times Square on Monday and after a few hours, I came home with a RM10 t-shirt (which is too small for me. Boo!) and this.

RM23.90 for a dozen assorted, RM19.90 for a dozen glazed. RM2.20 each.

Drool~~ They don't have that many flavours available now, so if you get a dozen, you'll have some repeats.

Dark Choc. My favourite.

Cookies and Cream (I think). Second best in my list.

Everyone's favourite, but only comes in at #3 for me, the glazed.


At 02 May, 2009 19:02 , Blogger Kellen said...


At 03 May, 2009 16:56 , Blogger Xenagogue said...

It's REALLY sweet the glazed one lol. had them at peggy's house :p


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