Monday, May 11, 2009

Penang-ed, First night.

Warning: Photo filled.

After a mere three hours after leaving PJ, we're in Penang!
130km/h the entire way + one 5 minute pee stop + talking the entire way = what three hours?

Went to Queensbay mall for some shopping while waiting for the other half of the group (Derrick got into an accident right before they were supposed to leave and totaled his car, so he canceled and the rest took the bus up).

Guess who I met?

Ficia! Zomg, at long last. We're always not fated to meet. Even on that day itself, she had to fly back to KL for interviews, and would return back to Penang the morning after I reach KL. T.T

She was the one who took me, Xing and Sharon out for lunch, and I think that plate of one tonne wantan noodles was one of the better ones I've had. The dumplings were superb!

Didn't stay here in the end, but at

1926 Heritage Hotel. RM210 for a 2 double + 1 single bed room, or RM250 for a 3 double bed room, well, that's quite cheap to for me. The place was ok, but the rooms were a little lacking. Oh well, budget budget budget!

As the two slept, I showered.

After finding out that there wasn't a single hairdryer in the hotel, (Their webbie lieddddd)

I decided to walk around and snap some shots.

Nothing much, but they just have some meaning for me.

I've no idea what they say to you,

But to me,

They shout out a million and one emotions.

After picking up the Geng Bas Sekolah Tour, we went for dinner,

Headed back to the hotel to freshen up and change,

and checked whether Penang's nightlife is as good as they say.


Blehhhh. KL still roxxors, comparatively.

Funny story: We knew the area to go was Upper Penang Road, but we didn't know how to get there. No guide, no map, no GPS. How did we find our way?

We followed an Ah Beng who looked like he was on the way to the clubs.


Best decision made that night, to follow him. =D

The decisions made after that one great one weren't so good. We chose Momo as they had the cheapest drinks around (RM240 for 2 house pouring bottles of whisky and vodka. Sucked). Turned out that it was also probably the deadest place in Penang.

Though, the supervisor was kinda nice. :P It was ladies night (yeap, on a Wednesday) so the three of us got a free drink each. Szen didn't like it, so Sharon and I gobbled hers up, but we were thirsting for more. Anything is better than the lousy drinks they sold.

I walked up to the bartender and was told that each lady only got one drink for the entire night, but the supervisor saw and came over and asked what's up. I told him of our predicament (of wanting more drinks, not that their drinks sucked. Hey, not their fault those brands sucked) and he waved the bartender away. Seconds later he handed me three drinks and a note with a pen.

I walked away with the drinks, but not the note. One glanced showed me a question mark, and he wasn't that cute. Call me a bitch, I will answer. =P

Won't give any more details about that night.

Suffice to say we drank, played, danced.

I emo-ed, drank, got pissing drunk.

Don't ask me what I was shouting the entire night, nor what happened. I don't remember much, and I've a feeling what I was updated with wasn't all I did.

Nothing permanent or irreversible happened though (I wonder what drunk tattoo would I have gotten, if I had, or would I have gotten married? Hmmm).

Thank God, Allah, Buddha and whoever else up there that I was in Penang and no one beyond my friends would recognize me. Also thankful I didn't ask the bunch to come as well, or suicide, here I come.

And that was the end of Night One.


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