Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Penang-ed, Night Two

After being taken care of by my darling girls, I slept like a log but surprisingly, I was the first one up at 8:30am, hangover notwithstanding.

The rest were fine,

but the two of us suffered. One mainly from a very bad hangover (but nothing Alka-seltzer won't help) but the other was from a mix of being hungover and caffeine deprived. Withdrawal symptoms. Lol.

But hey, I can still camwhore! =P

Only Szen and I were ready in time for breakfast, so after that we packed up and left to check in at Park Royal.

The room. Wasn't as cozy as it looks as we loved to leave the balcony door open and that caused a lot of condensation to form in the room.

Finally, a hairdryer! Too bad their toiletries sucked, their bottles were pretty enough.

Ms Mainland Penang joined us and took us out for brunch. Alvin still felt unwell, so we dumped him to sleep in the room before taking off.

A little "present" I left for Xing's car the previous night.

We went all the way from Ferringhi back to town, and for that meal the best thing for me was the Teenya Kuih (roughly translated to Super Sweet Kuih..erm, jelly?). The first bowl of Penang Laksa I had in Penang was the worst bowl I ever had. I couldn't even finish it even though I was trying to force myself to.

The rest tried my laksa, and found it so so. Was I being picky, or do I have a better knowledge of really good food? I don't know, you tell me.

Headed over to Penang Road for supposedly famous Teochew chendol.

Well, chendol was good (almost par to the one in Setiawan... almost) but their ais kacang, ugh. Ipoh beats their ass anytime.

After having our fill and bought some mixers and junk food (heh, would we ever get tired of drinking? O.o) we headed back to the hotel, only to have an accident totally jam up the road.

We were a car behind a junction to a village area, and after watching the car in front of us and the car in front of that turn in to that road, we decided to follow.

Smart Decision Number Two.

We got pass that jam and arrived right outside our hotel.

But we had to drive through superbly narrow roads. The car's left sideview mirror actually got knocked closed at the start. But hey, no harm done, and we saved so much time!

Thanks Mr Kancil!

Rested a little before we changed and slathered sunblock to head out to the beach.

One little story:
We walked down in our beach clothes but before we could even walk down the stairs to the beach, a guard stopped us. Not understanding him through his thick accent, my friends thought he meant it was high tide, and we couldn't go to the beach.

I saw someone walk down the beach stairs, so I took a step forward, thinking to check it out.

The guard stopped me.

Guard: "No no, you can't go there. You have to take the road outside the hotel"

Me: "Why? When can we use the stairs?"

Guard: "Never"

It was that single word that I finally got it. He thought we weren't hotel guests, and that we were outsiders cutting through the hotel to get to the beach. A simple mistake, seeing that we weren't the hotel's usual types (Ang mo/rich brats VS Uni kids) but hey, he could have at least asked first whether we were hotel guests, instead of assuming we were freeloaders.

I got pissed off with his assumption, and told him we were guests. I even showed him our keycards. After waiting who knows how long for him to confirm our status, I got impatient and walked a few more steps. He kept up, blocking my way, so I waited some more.

The second time I did that, he asked again,

Guard: "Room 236, Teo?"

Yes, I replied, and walked past him, not caring any more.

It's not my fault whoever he contacted couldn't work fast enough. 15 minutes of daylight's all, and more, than I would waste on someone who got on my nerves.

The first thing the "kids" did was build some square thingy. Lol.

And the boys tried playing sand footie, but I think it was too hard.

While someone else pined for her boyfriend. :P

Me? I spent a little while snapping photos. I was the only photobug in the group anyway.

Kids at play.


We stopped and chilled, enjoying the last rays of the sun.

Watched people parasail, jetski, banana boat.

All that before we jumped into the ocean for a while, then when it got cold, we went to the heated pool.

The sand in Batu Ferringhi sucked. It was so coarse. Pangkor's rocks!

Cleaned up, showered (Well, I did) and went to town (again) to eat.

This time round we actually had seafood that was worth the price, rather than the night's before at Ocean Restaurant, where the only "seafood" we had was a slice of cod fish (lol, I didn't order that), one claypot tofu, a plate of vegetables and some bits of chicken. RM105.20 for all that, really money not worth spent.

A whole fish, steamed + kangkung belacan + beansprouts + two huge crabs cooked with salted eggs + butter black pepper prawns + a huge plate of calamari rings + drinks + freeflow of rice.

The total cost? RM210 for the 7 of us, totally stuffed.

Now, THAT was worth it. I didn't get the name of the place, but it's near the jetty, directly opposite the bus stops near a bank and a parking lot. You'll know you're there when you see a bunch of stuff that you choose for the cook to cook (pun intended. =P) with a huge tree growing through the shop and guests seated in the shop next to it.

We parted ways with Stacy who had to drive all the way back to her mainland home, used a total of at least RM120 on CDs in the Ferringhi night market, walked a long long way and went back to the room.

Where we chilled, talked and played a drinking game Mund thought me and others during NYE at Mae's. Made minor changes to the game, and those of us who prefer not to drink (me for one. One night puking's enough) had to drink 1.5 times than the others. That, and no peeing, =/

I had a lot of fun watching the rest though, as by playing the game everytime I had to drink, 3 others had to drink the same amount as I did. =D

Oh hai mates.


And I had a toilet pass. =D Though I didn't need to use it.

Only slept around 4:30, 5 as someone had to emo while sober and couldn't stop talking, even with the lights out and all of us groaning everytime he went


But then ah...


And right,...


So right...

And so that continued, until I couldn't stand it anymore, and asked him to take a walk with me.

No reply from him in the end, so since I was wide awake already, I decided to take a walk with myself and my camera.

Not five minutes later I freaked myself out and went back into the room to read the morning newspaper before going to bed.

We got the room using a 60% discount voucher, so no hotel breakfast for us. Instead we finished up last night's snacks and drinks. "Healthiest" breakfast ever.

While watching our laundry dry. Lol.

View from the room wasn't much.

Checked out and headed over to Kek Lok Si temple for lunch.

Even the view from the road was better. After their service and shoddy room (seriously, so not worth the full price) I doubt I'll ever go back to Park Royal other than to book the entire hotel and wait for that guard to deny me access to the beach again.

Passed a hugeass painting of the Jalur Gemilang,

And tried to take a shot of the big statue of Ultraman in one of the kindergardens nearby.

Before we went through a semi automatic carwash to wash off my "present". Semi auto because the soaping up was done by hand. Lol. And it was only RM3!

Passed One Utama on the way to Kek Lok Si.

And stopped here for the famous Assam Laksa.

Can't complain for a RM2.70 bowl of laksa (fairly big portioned, but tastewise, the guy selling it from his lorry in the SS2 and SS4 night market has better laksa) but the drinks stall beside it?

RM3.50 per bowl of watered down lychee or sea coconut.

Never again, never again.

The Gang Bas Sekolah Tour had to catch their 4:30pm bus, so after dropping them off at Komtar Tower we left Penang as well, reaching PJ in 5 hours (different driver this time, as Mr Speedy was really tired. But then again, Ms Speedy wasn't that much slower either, for not driving her own car. =P)

Anyone ever realised that Ipoh now has their own Hollywood-esque sign? You can see it both going North or South.


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