Sunday, May 31, 2009


There comes a time in everyone's lives,

When they feel like distancing themselves.

From family, friends, strangers alike.

From technology, from communication, from all modern conveniences we take for granted.

I'm having one of those moments now.

I feel like walking in a field, empty but for wild flowers, grass and the gentle breeze making them nod their little flowery heads.

Or lying on sand, listening to the surf, feeling the sun on my face, the heat of the sand against my back.

Even on a rooftop, staring into the starry night, saying hi to the gibbous moon.

Also under the heavy rain, protected by an umbrella and raincoat, stomping in puddles with Puah Chu Kang boots, watching my paperboat flow down the stream on the road into the drain, then say Hi to Pennywise the Clown.

Random note: Had lunch at an unopened Balinese restaurant. Sister's host while she was in Bali cooked. Spicy, but good. =)


At 01 June, 2009 18:34 , Blogger wen said...

i went through that on sat
but it was more like, i didn't want to talk at all
since i don't have a laptop so i had no choice but to stay offline =p


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