Monday, June 29, 2009

What I did last weekend Part 3

My parcels came today with my mom home. Escaped from a lecture by throwing a question at her. Hehehe. Check out Syiok Sendiri Sisters in the next couple of days to see what we got.

Sam was so sweet as to be our cook for the night

so all we had to do was wait for our food. =P

Boy, did we have a LOT of food.

Leftovers from lunch.

Forgot to bring my camera down earlier, so didn't take earlier stuff. Last dish of the night: Lamb.


That's when we've already cleaned up a little.

Decided to finish dinner at about midnight. There was still Salmon to go, but it was getting late, and everyone was kinda stuffed already.

After cleaning everything up, including ourselves, everyone went to bed...except for a few of us Big2 addicts.

I woke everyone up early the next day to go to the pool, since the lights there got turned off the previous night.

Played our own version of water polo...

...tried to camwhore...

and got called Auntie and Uncle. Hehe.

Uncle Sam was already cooking when we went up, so we showered and ate.

Group pic.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What I did last weekend Part 2

Climbed Gunung Nuang yesterday. Didn't make it to the peak since we started our climb too late. Lol, didn't even make it to Kem Pacat actually, since when I was about 10 minutes away my sis shouted down that it was full of bees. She got stung, but thankfully no allergic reaction.

Thigh muscles are aching now, but not as bad as I expected it to be. Ankles and knees hurt more from the climb down. The HORROR I tell you, the HORROR.

After lunching the rain stopped, so we went to play a couple of round of volleyball..

... before heading out to the beach.

As most PD beaches are,

the sand sucked.

Victim 1

Victim 2

Victim 3


Stuff holder.

"Marooned" on an island.



Headed back to the condo to clean up and prepare for dinner.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What I did last weekend Part 1

Ho ho ho. It's a new weekend already, and only now am I writing about my trip last week.

Went for a movie preview earlier today (Thanks to Nigel for getting me passes) and gonna be gone for a 10 hour climb up and down some hill/mountain tomorrow, family dinner with bro then Sunday will be chillaxing with the Rotaractors before I go full steam ahead studying for my finals.


Went down to Port Dickson with most of the PBSC members. Unfortunately, a few couldn't make it due to personal matters. One of them was Dr Goh, who dumped us to welcome his baby boy. =) Congratulations Dr Goh! (Loved the green stretches on the way there)

Was fooling around at the playground outside our apartment while waiting for the OK to sneak in. Apartment was meant for 6, not 12. :P

Cocobeach Resort...

has coconuts!

The poor drivers KOed while waiting to get the keys to the condo.

Most of the stuff we brought.

The fan was disgusting! It had so much dust on it you could probably make a whole family of dust bunnies with it.

Couldn't make a quick trip to the beach since it started raining not long after we got the keys.

Yee Lee and her super mug cleaning powers. Notice her hair flying from her chi.

As some prepared lunch,

others woke others up...

... and we all laughed.

Jo came after braving through traffic, gave my favourite speech and we all dug in!

Food Cult.