Saturday, June 13, 2009

Because I'm anal that way

  1. *Yawn* Had not enough sleep again. My beautiful sleep cycle, tirelessly (hehe punnay~) nurtured has been broken. Back to square one now. Let's hope I can get the rythm back again soon.
  2. Boss Stewie's coming to HELP! And he didn't tell me. -.-# But sigh, don't blame him la. (Update: Heh. Actually wrote this before today, and hehe Tim came to HELP yesterday. Sat in for his speech a while. Boss was like celeb, everyone wanted to camwhore with him. Boss you lost weight!) Haven't been Nuffnanging since moving away from PJ. Gah I miss those days! Having Kevin winning something for his Malaysian Spartan thingy for Tiger's Standout party is so salt-in-wound also. Sigh. Boss, lunch mau? (Even though I'll be having my presentation later that day. Gah I hate short semesters!)
  3. Still ticked off at some people for various matters.
  4. Not felt jaded like now for some time already. Been there, done that, five hundred times, not fun. Where has my Oooo-look-swirly-lollipop! mindset gone? Waiting for my babes to return and transfer an infusion of it to me. Maccas! :D
  5. Am hungry at the moment, and Dad said I should eat something before drinking my chicken essence (yes, sleep deprivation that bad) but although my tummy's bitching right now, I don't have the mood to eat.
  6. How can so many things be running around my head at once? My head that big meh? Zombbbbbbb.
  7. I need a girls' night out!


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