Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You have no fucking right to diss me for not making it up to the peak. You weren't there, you don't know how afraid I was of the bloody ropes part. You've never climbed it before, so don't assume it's just like some stupid hill you've climbed back when you were decades younger.

Neither do you have the right to assume that I'm lying about my fear of climbing down the ropes part. You don't even know how I did yet, other than me not making it to the peak. You have no idea where the hell Sayat-Sayat is and how close it is to the peak and neither do you know that I wasn't the last bugger to climb up or down the bloody mountain.

Yes, I admit I didn't train beyond that one climb up Gunung Nuang or running up and down Wisma HELP's stairs, but I wasn't the last anymore. Guess what. I actually beat much fitter people who trained more than me, I was the one pushing them to hurry on. I was the one running down on the bloody rocks. I was one of those who carried the heaviest packs up. Hell, my pack and my sister's were the same bloody weight.

Screw you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh Joy.

Oh joy. Lucky me.

Sarcasm doesn't work through the monitor. X|

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine was doing a photoshoot in Kota Kinabalu and while he was there, there was a competition between Mr Wind and Mr Cloud on who can make the people there more miserable.

That, or they just want to make everyone Supermenpeople. Like him here.

I got worried about the weather since I'll be climbing this weekend (Leaving on Friday morning! *hyperventilates*) but my friend said it seemed to be clearing up when he left the day before yesterday.

This morning I got an email from a fellow climber that she heard from someone's relative who's staying in Kota Kinabalu that Mr Wind and Mr Cloud couldn't decide who won so they're in for Round Two.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random neurons firing.

Had the strangest dream this morning. Yes, morning because I was up by 8.30, did some work, then went back to bed for a nap. =) Bliss.

Wouldn't want to bore you with the details, but the juicy bit was:

She said: (At the front passenger seat) So, who is it you really like if it's not me?
He said: (To innocent party) "Eh hold on to me I can't wear the safety belt" (He was driving, holding on to a package) "Well, it's like this" (Nonchalantly speaking) "The one I really like is the one sitting behind me, but ... (He starts mumbling).

No points for guessing who was sitting behind him.

Five points for guessing who I'm talking about correctly. Highly doubt anyone can guess who it is though. =)

Winner gets nothing.

Either way, I win. =)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

A PB&J sandwich isn't one without the J

I was looking through photos of someone to see how's he doing.

It brought back memories of the past, mainly proof that you can't tango without a partner, how a clap with only one hand isn't a clap and a PB&J sandwich isn't one without the J.

Doesn't matter if you've support from his family, a million fans, have a dozen legs or slice after slice of bread.

Without reciprocal feelings, a tango partner, the opposite hand and jar after jar of jam, it won't work out.

Heh. I remembered that time where the whole family was complaining about his then girlfriend in front of me and him. On and on, on and on, until his mom started comparing her with me. Then they all joined in and continued comparing.

Although she was also a friend, I couldn't help but feel a little happy inside. When your crush's family puts you on a pedestal over your crush's girlfriend, won't you feel all tingly inside too?

They broke up not long after. I knew it would happen; he just was too much a filial son to maintain that relationship, especially since she realized the family weren't accepting her.

I also knew it wouldn't mean anything for our relationship. I could read him well enough to know that what we have will not go beyond friendship. I left it at there; why ask for more heartache?

But why is it that no matter what happens, there's always a little stain left over in my heart? Everyone who made an impact in my life, whether we knew each other for a week or 10 years, whether we talk every day or haven't spoken a full sentence to each other for years. They all left a little stain in my heart no stain remover can wash off.

That I take as an unexplained fact of my life. Now the question I have to wait to get answered is

Will you, my beloved, in health or sickness, for richer or poorer, cover all those little stains with the colour of your affection?

Hahaha oh man. The Psychologist in me just had to think of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs when the Teacher was proofreading.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Filled to the brim

Morning: Breakkie @Maccas for a briefing before heading to SMK Sri Permata.

RAC Subang was there for the ice breaking session for the Interact Training Seminar. I don't recall the seminars I attended when I was an Interactor to be so fun. =(

After that, I somehow killed 3 hours in Centerpoint, one of the deadest "shopping" complexes in PJ.

As I waited for the babes and whoever else to come.

Wennie, Evie, Winson, Xiang.

And Xiang's admirer. Gosh she's adorable.

Killed another 2 hours in the car with Winson as he picked up some friends before heading off to 1 Utama, another shopping complex which is thankfully very much alive.

Met up with the bum Alvin who was moping around after failing to get his pair of white shoes from Zara. He's eriously not fated to own that pair. Two days ago it was there, but I persuaded him not to get it since it'll get ugly the moment he gets stepped on in a club. Two days later he still wants to get it but the 1 Utama branch didn't have his size anymore. Thirty minutes later he calls me to tell me that even the Mid Valley branch doesn't have his size anymore.

Poor boy.

But (if you're reading this) I still think you shouldn't get it.

Spent 8 ringgit in a cab to Aman Suria, getting slightly lost on the way.

But it's for a good cause anyway. Got to see my gals again,

and my boy(s) too. Happy 21st again Gene.

On a seperate note,

Version 2.0.

Version 1.0. Oh shit I was wearing the same thing! Gahhh.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Apologies to my American readers

And also to my other readers who do not understand Malay.

Felt poetic suddenly, and the Government's decision to switch teaching Science and Math back to Malay inspired the bout of Malay used.'

If I'm to help my future kids out in their work, I'll have to brush up on my Malay now, won't I?

(Heh probably won't as I plan to be outta here by the time that happens if conditions don't improve. I want the kiddos to have a strong fighting chance in success unhindered by what's stated in their birth certificate).

Off to sleep for an hour. Final final paper (hehehe) is at 9am, then I get to see my darls at 1.30pm! Woot!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Entah Nak Letak Apa

Entah lah.

Entah lah.

Entahlah hatiku ini, mindaku ini, badanku ini.

Entahlah memoriku, perasaanku, telatahku.

Makna perkataanmu, makna perbuatanmu, makna tingkahlaku mu.

Entahlah aku.

Beritahu aku, apa itu?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Immense Joy and Anger in the Same Day

As usual, I checked my mail once I got out of bed (As apposed to woke up, since I usually attempt to fall back asleep first. :P) and found out that my PSY205 (Social Psychology) lecturer had already compiled our marks and with a heavy heart I checked my marks for my individual assignment (already knew the marks for the rest).

All that weight slipped off like silk off a baby's bottom once I saw those two beautiful digits. I got a 40/45, only one mark behind the top scorer.

Not only was it my first time getting such a high score for my assignments (For Psychology subjects, not the rest) but trailing behind by just 1 mark, and for one of my favourite lecturer's class? Oh that so made my day. Too bad it was for only 15% of my entire grade. =(

Still, was on cloud nine the entire day. =)

And then night came.

Long story short, I was reading my emails (again, lol) and one of them were new comments on one of Ringo's posts, which I am subscribed to (still am, because I want to know of the replies. Read on to understand).

First of, a comment by Jacob Ktilsen.

Now, I got a tad annoyed that someone just made assumptions based on who knows what, but I also understand that it's a norm in any problogger's career, for someone to give nasty comments. Human nature I suppose. However, that wasn't what that got me ticked off. This did.

I strongly hope she has proof to back up her claim that "this kind of Malaysian mentality (refer to Jacob Ktilsen's post) to is common". No referencing from Wikipedia, but from reliable sources (heh, psychologist in me talking).

I also wonder who is she to be able to speak for the entire population of Singapore and say that they are proud of being kiasu Singaporeans. Proud for being Singaporean? I've not met one who wasn't. But proud for being a kiasu (extremely competitive, the bad kind) Singaporean? Now that's one individual I'll like to talk to.

Now dear regular readers, did you really think I would have left that comment without a reply?

Of course not. =D

No reply yet from anyone at all. Oh, and ignore the flags in each of the original replies. It goes wonky every now and then, or how would you explain me being in both Malaysia (which, excuse me Ms Irene, I love and am very proud of, despite of all it's quirks) and Australia?

Although that would be quite cool. Chillaxing with my loves who are there but back in time for mom's cooking hehehe.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Gunung Nuang

Sis wanted to check whether I can actually climb KK, so she tested me by dragging me out for a climb up Gunung Nuang, Selangor's highest peak last Saturday. We had to wait for some latecomers, so in the end we turned back after reaching (or for me, almost reaching) Kem Pacat. Some of us had to rush back for dinner dates. =) Lack of photos here because sis and her friend were the only ones who brought cameras. I knew I would be too busy trying not to die so I didn't bother bringing a camera. Entire trek took us about 9.5 hours.

Read here for more trekking info.

Basically, the entire climb is split to a few main parts: The Never Ending Road, The Pipeline, Red Clay and the Summit Push.

The Never Ending Road is just at it sounds. Never ending. Filled with rocks, stones, mud and bamboo. LOADS of bamboo. The long walk both uphill and downhill isn't that taxing when you're all fresh (but unfit me still had to take a couple of breaks in between. Hey, why waste their effort in building those three rest stops eh? :P) but on the way back with no water left and drenched from the rain after having pushed yourself as much as you can? Seriously challenges your mental strength. More on the return track later.

After the Never Ending Road comes the purely uphill forest track dubbed the Pipeline as it follows the old water pipeline. This is most certainly the easiest part of the whole climb and also the part which I enjoyed the most. Entire stretch was full of natural steps made from rocks and tree roots and because the Gunung Nuang track is so overused, every step was very cleary made. Anyone and everyone should blitz up this part very quickly. I know I had fun. Kem Lolo is in this area, and so are the other two campsites worth camping at. Will comtemplate getting a group to go picnicing there if I can get directions on how to get there, and a group who won't complain of being tired.

After the Pipeline Red Clay started. Oh my *insert word here* I HATE that place! At first it was ok, but eventually it got quite hard as certain stretches were really slippery (and we went when it was dry!), there isn't much growth you can use to brace yourself and I had to turn back at some parts to look for alternative routes because it was just plain to hard for me. For usuals it should be ok but for first timers like me, hang in there! During the entire time I knew I would stick to it and just keep on climbing (Just had to prove it to sis!). Sis and 1 other were the fittest of all of us so they took the lead followed by me about 15 minutes behind and another 4 after me. Two had to stop after one of them had bad shoes. Heh. Sole came off.

For a good couple of hours I was climbing alone. At first I was cool with it as I had my bottle full of water and if I slowed down a little I could here the rest at the bottom. After a while though it got a little scary, when my water supply ran low and I couldn't hear anyone anymore. There were moments where I thought somehow I got lost, but the moments where I spotted the markers, now, then was a great feeling of relief.

Slowed down quite a bit nearing Kem Pacat (didn't know I was that near then, or I would have picked up the pace). Was quite tired then. Tired and hurting. The rest didn't know but on my way up I slipped a couple of times, and once I banged my knee on the side of a rock. No lasting damage, but the climb right after banging my knee was filled with breaks every two minutes.

The rest cought up with me by then and after a short while my sis shouted down that Kem Pacat was over run not by pacat (leaches) but by bees. She got stung twice. It was her first time getting stung by bees but thankfully turns out that she wasn't allergic to them. Woe be all of us if she was. The 5 of us ended up having lunch where we were instead of at Kem Pacat because of the bees.

Swapped climbing sticks for the climb down. Originally I was using the broomstick my dad found (hehe, seriously, just a plain ol' broomstick! Worked very well too!) but swapped it with my sister's friend's proper walking stick since it had a pointed tip which was better for gripping. Sis stayed with me throughout Red Clay since she knew it was my first time climbing and getting down would be a pain in the ass. If you're a first timer, it helps a lot having someone instruct you on how to get down certain stretches.

After the lunch break I felt quite good again. Energy from the rest and food probably. Nothing much to comment on the downhill cimb, except that it started to rain when the last of us (ie: me) reached Hut Camp 2 in the Pipeline. Two out of three kittens were still at the stream where we first saw them, and both followed us on our way out. =) Only one followed us all the way to the Never Ending Road though and even then it left me halfway (I was again, the last).

On the way in I hated the uphill tracks in the Never Ending Road but on the way down? Oh man downhill was oh so bad! I had no energy nor enough guts to just run down like everyone else (to reduce strain on mind and knee. Really helps) so I was eventually the last one to get out. That cement chair/log never looked so good.

I was expecting to be practically bedridden the next day from aching muscles but heh, I guess I am a little fitter than I thought. Could actually get up and down the stairs (18 steps mind you!) without having to hold on to the banister (though it helped to lean on to it. =P).

Still having some doubts on climbing Mount Kinabalu end July. I should can make it to Laban Rata if it's like Gunung Nuang (Sis says it is. At least he Mesilau route that we're taking is anyway) but if I ache as much as I do the next day, I'm not sure whether I can stand the final push to the peak or the climb down.

I wonder how much does getting airlifted down costs...

Will be sitting in an exam hall halfway through my paper (hopefully) when this gets posted. Send me good vibes people!