Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Filled to the brim

Morning: Breakkie @Maccas for a briefing before heading to SMK Sri Permata.

RAC Subang was there for the ice breaking session for the Interact Training Seminar. I don't recall the seminars I attended when I was an Interactor to be so fun. =(

After that, I somehow killed 3 hours in Centerpoint, one of the deadest "shopping" complexes in PJ.

As I waited for the babes and whoever else to come.

Wennie, Evie, Winson, Xiang.

And Xiang's admirer. Gosh she's adorable.

Killed another 2 hours in the car with Winson as he picked up some friends before heading off to 1 Utama, another shopping complex which is thankfully very much alive.

Met up with the bum Alvin who was moping around after failing to get his pair of white shoes from Zara. He's eriously not fated to own that pair. Two days ago it was there, but I persuaded him not to get it since it'll get ugly the moment he gets stepped on in a club. Two days later he still wants to get it but the 1 Utama branch didn't have his size anymore. Thirty minutes later he calls me to tell me that even the Mid Valley branch doesn't have his size anymore.

Poor boy.

But (if you're reading this) I still think you shouldn't get it.

Spent 8 ringgit in a cab to Aman Suria, getting slightly lost on the way.

But it's for a good cause anyway. Got to see my gals again,

and my boy(s) too. Happy 21st again Gene.

On a seperate note,

Version 2.0.

Version 1.0. Oh shit I was wearing the same thing! Gahhh.


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