Monday, July 06, 2009

Immense Joy and Anger in the Same Day

As usual, I checked my mail once I got out of bed (As apposed to woke up, since I usually attempt to fall back asleep first. :P) and found out that my PSY205 (Social Psychology) lecturer had already compiled our marks and with a heavy heart I checked my marks for my individual assignment (already knew the marks for the rest).

All that weight slipped off like silk off a baby's bottom once I saw those two beautiful digits. I got a 40/45, only one mark behind the top scorer.

Not only was it my first time getting such a high score for my assignments (For Psychology subjects, not the rest) but trailing behind by just 1 mark, and for one of my favourite lecturer's class? Oh that so made my day. Too bad it was for only 15% of my entire grade. =(

Still, was on cloud nine the entire day. =)

And then night came.

Long story short, I was reading my emails (again, lol) and one of them were new comments on one of Ringo's posts, which I am subscribed to (still am, because I want to know of the replies. Read on to understand).

First of, a comment by Jacob Ktilsen.

Now, I got a tad annoyed that someone just made assumptions based on who knows what, but I also understand that it's a norm in any problogger's career, for someone to give nasty comments. Human nature I suppose. However, that wasn't what that got me ticked off. This did.

I strongly hope she has proof to back up her claim that "this kind of Malaysian mentality (refer to Jacob Ktilsen's post) to is common". No referencing from Wikipedia, but from reliable sources (heh, psychologist in me talking).

I also wonder who is she to be able to speak for the entire population of Singapore and say that they are proud of being kiasu Singaporeans. Proud for being Singaporean? I've not met one who wasn't. But proud for being a kiasu (extremely competitive, the bad kind) Singaporean? Now that's one individual I'll like to talk to.

Now dear regular readers, did you really think I would have left that comment without a reply?

Of course not. =D

No reply yet from anyone at all. Oh, and ignore the flags in each of the original replies. It goes wonky every now and then, or how would you explain me being in both Malaysia (which, excuse me Ms Irene, I love and am very proud of, despite of all it's quirks) and Australia?

Although that would be quite cool. Chillaxing with my loves who are there but back in time for mom's cooking hehehe.


At 07 July, 2009 23:45 , Blogger Kellen said...

I think that Irene bia*ch has chickened out.

At 11 July, 2009 02:39 , Blogger Wai Yee said...

lol, wahhh, impressed with what u have said to thatttttt girl.
I remember my singaporean guy friend told me "i believe all educated malaysians would want to be singaporeans". I regretted for not shouting at him. lol..see you tmrw =D


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