Friday, August 14, 2009

Boycott DLookingGlass !

Do not give your email address to and be prepared for them to steal your email address from somewhere.

If you want to deal with them, give them the email address you use for spam or be prepared to receive updates from them every now and again, even after you try to get them to remove you from their mailing list.

Nothing works in getting them to stop. Trust me, I've tried everything.

I've emailed them in return dozens of times to get them to stop sending me updates to 2 of my emails. One of them (my spam account) I used to email them and the other's my primary account(which I never gave them before. I only used it on other site's tagboxes a couple of times before).

After ignoring a couple of my emails (from both accounts) they finally replied saying that they will remove my address from their mailing list.

And then I got another email. And another. And another. Again and again they say they'll remove my email addresses but they never do.

I finally couldn't take it any longer and wrote a long long rant to fashion-truth, which they replied saying that they removed my email addresses from their bot emailing list, but there must have been another copy somewhere and so they removed one, but not the other. They also asked me to email them again and that they will manually remove my email addresses.

At first I thought that was it. Finally, I don't have to see their annoying emails ever again (They can be giving out free clothes for all I care. I'm NEVER dealing with them ever again).

Until today.

I got yet another email from them.

Imagine. From March until now, since they changed from to, I've been trying to get them to stop emailing me.

Girls, BEWARE!


I couldn't stand it any longer and wrote a reply to that email. A nasty one for my standard with the now oh so beautiful four lettered words sprinkled around.

From my Yahoo account (spam account, so I didn't bother getting them to remove this address as much)

The only time I asked them to remove my spam account which was after their second email. They replied, but I still got emails from them.

This is from my Gmail account, which is my primary account. I use it for important work, so you can see how many times I emailed them to get them to unsubscribe me.

Their first email to me and my reply. I received no reply then.

They finally replied saying they unsubscribed me after my second email to them.

Third time I told them to unsubscribe me, thinking that they just forgot to unsubscribe me.

My email to FT which got published. They replied, giving excuses.

Receiving not 1 but 3 emails from them telling me that they finally removed both my email addresses from their mailing list. But as you can see from the first and third picture, I just got another email from them to BOTH my accounts today.

D Looking Glass, SCREW YOU. I curse you to get nothing but FFK clients for the next 20 years!

Update (17th August 2009):

I got a reply from them a couple of days ago, before I found out how to filter their emails into my Trash bin (can't find a more suitable place for them). Here's their reply, with my comments in red.

Hi Ee Fei,

I know you won’t believe any excuses I make now but I can honestly say that I’ve personally removed every single one of your email addresses from my mailing list since the incident with fashion-truth and I can swear it if you need me too (No, I don't need you to swear, coz now I don't F-ing care! Trash trash trash trash!). However, my partner made a mistake and use the old mailing list to send the last update (WTF, why would you have an OLD mailing list? What's the point in someone asking you to remove their addresses if you're going to keep it somewhere for future reference anyway). I promise you that that will not happen again and I will personally ensure it (Don't bother, I personally ensured it.Trash trash trash trash!) .

Once again, I’m really sorry again for any inconveniences caused and I hope that the next email you send us (if any)(NEVAH!) will be a happier one.



On behalf of D Looking Glass

No points for guessing how my mood will be when you say "D Looking Glass".

Curse stays ON baby. *takes out voodoo dolls*


At 14 August, 2009 16:27 , Blogger wen said...

can't you just block them? mark them as spam?

At 16 August, 2009 15:57 , Blogger mknace said...

just block them

At 17 August, 2009 17:55 , Blogger electronicfly said...

Just have. Gmail will now be filtering all their email into the trash box immediately, bypassing my inbox.

Still angry at their ethics though.

I received a reply from them before I marked them as Trash. Their reason was that "one of us used the old mailing list which still had your addresses on it".

Not a F-ing reason in my books.

Why do they keep "old" mailing lists in the first place?


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