Saturday, August 15, 2009

Breath in, breath out

It's confirmed. I'm not a sprinter. I'll do better as a long distance person.

Climbed Broga Hill in Semenyih today (more on that later) and hardly half way there I was already short of breath. It felt so bad I really wanted to just sit there and not go up anymore.

I felt worse than when climbing Mt Kinabalu.

Yes, at that point I felt worse climbing that tiny hill than South East Asia's tallest peak.

At first I could feel my calves burning, really burning. That was the first time I felt something was wrong. None of them would allow me to sit there until they come back down, so they waited for me until I felt better then we pushed off again.

I felt that something was wrong with me, but I continued anyway since I felt better after a rest. Less than 15 minutes later, I had to stop again. This time I was feeling very nauseous but nothing came out. Getting the dry heaves is just a little better than actually vomiting. At least the real deal makes you feel better immediately.

I could feel my heart pounding, hard and fast, and my lungs didn't seem to be taking in as much air as usual.

Thank goodness for the rock there and my sister who knew I was really in a bad state then.

I think my bout of the sniffles was worse than I realized. While I was climbing, my nose was dripping constantly, even though I've been "cured" for at least the past week.

I hope it's nothing permanent.

On the bright side, I made it up with the rest and felt better towards the end of the climb as well as the descent (told you I can't be a sprinter. I need to warm up first lol). View wasn't spectacular (hehe nothing here will beat Kinabalu) but at least it was really windy up there giving us a repreive from the humidity.

Gotten most of the pictures from my KK trip already. Be prepared to be awed by the beauty of Nature. =D

(And I might say so myself, damn I can take good pics sometimes, even with that ancient camera and shaky hands. Woot!)


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