Thursday, August 06, 2009


The drugs the doc gave me for my flu and cough is really strong. Within an hour after popping them pills (and spoonful of coughdrops, ugh) I'll start getting woozy and if I can, I'll be sprawled on my bed as dead as a doorknob within 5 minutes. I'm supposed to take them thrice a day but because I actually want to be awake most of days I'm only taking them twice at most, usually once. Even then, I'm now sleeping at least 14 hours a day because of the drugs. There'll no way you'll catch me conscious from 11PM to 8AM and for at least 4 hours after I last took my meds.

Seriously, I'm not going to go back to that clinic anymore unless it's a emergency.

Not only does the doctor give such high doses for the sniffles and mild cough, she doesn't practice the level of hygiene I'm used to at a clinic.


She took my temperature using the thingy they stick into your ear. Usually, there's a disposable plastic sheathing for it but this clinic didn't have a single one in sight. Neither did the doc clean it before or after using it (My sis went too, and she was first).



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