Friday, August 28, 2009


1: Still getting the Error 400 message when trying to upload photos to this blog. Funny thing is that I don't get any problems uploading to Blogger from my other account to my blogshop.

2: Despite being one of the top scorers for my assignments in both Psychology subjects, my grades are still shit because of my exam scores.

3: First the class I wanted was full and I couldn't sign up for it. Then I missed the lecture and a tutorial session because I forgot and I had Orientation to manage. Now, after signups for that class reopened, I find out that I missed not only the briefing of what it's all about, how I'll be graded and a lesson, I also missed getting the first assignment which is due on the second and third week. Speech somore (It's the Public Speaking class). Now I'm trying to write an email to the lecturer saying what an idiot I was, and would he be so kind to let me in late. It's Friday night, so I should only get an email on Tuesday at the earliest, since Monday's Independence Day. The next presentation time is on Wednesday morning.

4: I'm $o $o $o $o $o broke.



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