Friday, August 28, 2009

Money, money, come again

As opposed to rain, rain, go away.


I used most of this month's budget last month.

Finished the remainder within the first week of this month.

Already used about 50% of next month's budget...

and next month's a schooling month.


Four days a week.



Thinking back, I believe most of my budget ended up in my stomach or my brain.

Caught up on my movies this holiday, so that's RM9 a pop multiplied by at least 5 movies.

Been eating so much junk food also since I came down from Mt K, so that's another RM100 or most probably more.

The only things I can remember I bought that will be with me for more than a month would be the two brushes from Etude House, skincare and a new top and skirt. About RM150 gone from there.

So let's see, that's about RM300, excluding a couple of stuff I got online and other cost incurred during my days out. F&B in shopping malls aren't cheap. =(

Not forgetting my club's installation. RM50 and a bottle of Chivas gone there.


Is it a wonder there's less than RM1k combined in my bank accounts?


I'm not sure if there's even RM500.


Here's to hoping I get the RA job, and that it's paid.



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