Monday, August 17, 2009

Mt Kinabalu Expedition - Day One

Waiting for Air Asia's flight AK5120.

Camwhoring in the plane to kill at least part of the 140 minutes we had in it.

Got onto our bus/van/vehicle and camwhored some more.
While others took a nap. In the end almost all 14 of us slept a little while at least. It was a 3 hour journey to Kinabalu Park.

Made a pit stop for lunch.

With supposedly the best fried noodles there. Definitely not the best I've had before, but one of the better ones I had while in KK (no, it wasn't that good, but the rest were sorta bad. That's what you get for a cheap package I guess)

Shopped around for supplies while we were there. Adidas Kampung for RM5, gardening gloves with rubber grip thingies for less than RM2 (RM1.90 a pair if I'm not mistaken). Headlamps, ski masks, raincoats and basically just about all other gear you'll need to climb Mt Kinabalu.

Got into the vehicle again to continue our journey.

Until we finally reached Kinabalu Park.
Most people forget (unless it's all handled by a tour agency) that you need to pay the entrance fee to get into Kinabalu Park.
Malaysian above 18: RM3
Malaysian below 18: RM1
Non-Malaysians above 18: RM15
Non-Malaysians below 18: RM10
Children in school uniform: RM0.50
Senior citizens (not sure what they warrant as senior citizen. Probably 50, 55 or 60): RM1

Toilet break time.
Om num num num.

Missing a couple of folks.

I love fir trees! Too bad they shed too much in the heat and it's such a bother cleaning up all that needles.
Golfing there must be fun with the cool weather.

Got up a really steap road (25 degrees according to the sign) to check in to our lodging, Bishop's Head.

Misty. Cold. No wind. Thank heavens.

Managed by a Singaporean company. What irony.

Buying our much needed and anticipated walking sticks which were basically sturdy sticks that has been smoothened. RM3 per stick, which is the old price. Others will probably charge you RM5 or RM6 for it. We got ours from the guy who drove us in the Park's van.

Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.
Yea, and I didn't even make it to as far as I pointed. =( I reached only to the highest white square on the map (Sayat-sayat checkpoint)

You I are was here.

Climbed (yes, climbed. The roads there are all so freaking steep!) into our dorm and into the bunk beds. Biggest dorm we had during our trip to Sabah. For our whole trip, we were sleeping in different dormitories every night, and they kept on getting smaller and less comfortable. =(

This is a great place to go with a huge group of friends. We were lucky we didn't have to share the dorm with others. Can easily fit another 14 people comfortably and even more on the floor and couches. Fighting for electrical points will be bad though.

Has a kitchen with a stove, fridge and electric kettle along with the basic cutlery for use. Also has a huge tiled balcony. I would love to have a BBQ session there.

Circular staircase to outside. Never used it though.

Went for dinner even though we had to get drizzled on. Smart me brought an umbrella to use for climb free days. =P Dinner was steamboat. Steaming hot soup in chilly weather = Awesome although all ingredients other than the eggs and vegetables were fresh.

Additional order by Desmond. Looks sooo much better than what we had.

We said good night, but not before snapping a pic of how cold it was. 15.6 degrees Celsius, and that was when we were indoors, away from the rain and wind.

*Disclaimer: Not all the photos are mine. Most are from the other climbers.


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