Sunday, August 09, 2009


Shall be postponing my KK post(s) (more probably the 5 of them) until I've gotten photos and videos from everyone who went. We're supposed to have a potluck regathering to exchange photos but that has yet to happen. Sigh.

Selling all the stuff I'm not using/will never use/horded. I need to replenish my savings if I'm to act on my future travel plans. Also acting as an intermediate in selling accessories. Damn I need the money! Sales on Syiok Sendiri Sisters not going too well also. No one seems to be interested in our older stuff. Everything's in my room at the moment, need to think of a way to keep everything nicely.

Snacking in The Natural Confectionery's gummy snakes. Om nom nom nom fat.

I want to go white water rafting again. I've had a taste (hehe Grade 1 only) and I am wanting more! Someone organize a trip to Kuala Kubu Baru when I have the budget please! I've the shoes already. =P

Might have found my perfect part time work. Need to think of a more efficient transportation plan though.


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