Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mt Kinabalu Expedition - Day Two Part Two

One of the porters I shared a bed with.

Literally shared a bed.


More on that later.
Spot Eunice!

Beautiful, ain't it?

Sigh, why can't the hills and mountains in Pen MY be as breathtaking? (Bad odors not counted)

There's a rest stop every kilometer where you can use the loo (it flushes! but no toilet paper, so bring your own!) and fill your bottle with fresh piped spring water. I've not tried drinking the water myself, but have read of many accounts where people drank it without purifying it and had nothing happen to them.

Each rest stop has a name, but I'm not sure what they're named after. Shall ask the next time I'm there. (2011, here I come!)

My first time seeing a pitcher plant that's not growing in a pot.

The area around KM5 is loaded with them, and they are all HUGE!

Banyak banyak cantik~~

If you'll pay for my trip, I won't mind going again even as early as next weekend.

(I've Friday to Sunday off every week, so anyone want to sponsor me? :D )

At the crossroads. If you think you really really really cannot make it up anymore, turn back down here via Timpohon.

But don't.

Really, don't.

After the first 3km or so, the track gets a little harder as it gets rockier.

It's less tiring for me though as I prefer walking on the rocks themselves rather than searching for a route around them.

Smart mountain squirrel knows how to open up a pack of wheat bars.
My group was lucky that day as it didn't rain during our ascent. At that time, it had been raining heavily daily and strong winds were blowing. I can imagine how much harder it'll be to climb in the rain, especially on the rocky area. =(

After 9 hours, I finally reached Laban Rata.

Although I took longer than the average 6-8 hours, I'm proud to say that for a noob climber carrying her own 7kg pack, I did quite well from starting out at the end but coming up around the middle. =)

Yes la, for being so unfit, I'm happy as long as I'm not the last to reach Laban Rata.


The untouched lunch pack. Not mine of course, I'm a pig. But then again, no one finished their lunch pack. Reason? Crap food and lack of appetite.

Everyone ate their apple though. =D

After coming out from the icy cold shower taken ala ninja (jumping and twisting around to avoid getting the cold water on anywhere other than the dirty/soapy bits) I went down to the dining area with the rest for dinner (Our dorms were heated so it's right above the dining area).

Being tired and annoyed with my not clean enough state, I totally forgot about sunset, until some of my group reminded me.

Going out into the cold once again without a jacket was worth it for this shot.
Yes, that's the moon.


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