Saturday, October 03, 2009


I need to.

Going on hiatus a while.

Be back soon, hopefully.


At 17 October, 2009 03:30 , Blogger abby said...

Hello my long lost friend!! I found your blog then looked for you on FB. Know who I am now? Haha...

Did you truly sprinkle that ankle?? mean sprain?

Anyway I have a bloggie of my own now so you know where to find me.

I will be back to check out your posts when i have the time. Nice piccie from the last expedition though. What cam are you using?

Bye for now! Remember to come say hi!

At 18 October, 2009 13:18 , Blogger kenwooi said...

take care =)

At 18 October, 2009 23:57 , Blogger abby said...

It's Nikki so you know. See, does that solve everything now? Haha

Thanks for stopping by!

At 18 October, 2009 23:59 , Blogger electronicfly said...

@kenwooi: Hawooo!

@Abby: T.T Abby/Nikki. No wonder I couldn't get who you were. There I was thinking I forgot someone named Abigail from SKTM/SMKDJ lol.


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