Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Extended burnout?

Since realizing that Counseling is so NOT me, I've been aimless.

Ask me what I wanted to do after graduating before PSY209 and I would have answered "Counselor/Psychotherapist" there and then, loud loud somore.


"Short term plan is to find a job first lo, probably in market research.. from there see la what Masters to take, then on to my career"

Like, how vague is that? My long term plan is now reduced to a 5 year one, and my non-career related plans rests on how my career is like, so my entire life goals is screwed up /dramaqueen

I'm a Senior now and this is the year to buck up and raise my grades, or forever be labeled as a Second Lower, and that only if I don't screw up my results this year. But do I work harder? Do I study more? Is my focus on studies?

The answer to all that is a big fat No.

I honestly rather sleep or websurf or run my money making schemes rather than study. For example, tomorrow's when my group needs to finalize our questions and comments for the next group, but I've not even read the article that will be reviewed. Tomorrow's also when my partner and I were supposed to hand in our work for an assignment due next week, but both of us haven't even touched a single thing. Next week is also a major assignment is due, but I've been putting it off since I'm "deciding" between working with A, or screwing her to work with a closer friend, B.

What I'm doing now? I'm F5-ing my emails and getting excited to get my purchases tomorrow, that's what.

Someone, something, please kick me, HARD


At 10 March, 2010 07:31 , Blogger wen said...

Fei Fei
good that you realise it but please focus yah!
this year is our "do awesomely" year k? :)

At 18 April, 2010 23:54 , Blogger Miu said...

I studied multimedia, advertising n broadcasting (i though i like it) but found out it's not my passion. I have been lost until I found blogging and al thought I am not earning much from it, it keeps me happy. Right now I have a day job and during the night, I blog :D

At 19 April, 2010 00:23 , Blogger electronicfly said...

@wennie: zomb failing horribly T.T

@Miu: But that's the problem. I don't know what day job to take, and my happy costs me money instead of makes me money T.T


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