Thursday, July 22, 2010


Twitter took over the role of Blogger for me. All my random thoughts can be put into 140 characters (or so), and usually by the time I fire up Blogger it'll be gone, hence my preference for Twitter now.

Meh. What happened to my grandmother-story-telling skillz? Gone I tell you gone (Yes I'm lying)


Falling into that cycle again. The cycle of unproductiveness. All I want to do is sit around at home (preferably alone) watching TV or surfing the net. Work? Lazy la. Thesis? Lazy la. ERB? Lazy la. Housework? Lazy la.

I don't even want to see anyone so I don't have to have conversations with them. Lazy la. I think if you put me in a studio room with a good PC and internet connection, with someone who would drop my meals (random food will do) and a well stocked fridge, I would be in heaven... for the first week at least.


Have an inkling of what I want my career to have. Now to find that line which would have all those things in it.


Starting to get an itch to climb often again. :) First to get back into shape (erm. well. at least back to where I was before), then to tackle climbing and running, with wall climbing thrown in every now and then just for the fun of it. Note to self: Find cheap school shoes to zhush up for running. Am thinking of sunny day /rainy day motif.


What can I do with a whole lot of fabric paint? Ideas anyone?


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